Having started drawing when I was very young, painting before I was ten years old, then going on to study art in high school and college, I always knew that art was going to be an important part of my life. Like many other artists I know, it is not something I do voluntarily but happens automatically and I find it best if I make time and space to allow my creative efforts to manifest into some form of work beit paintings, drawings or photos.


Landscapes account for about half of my paintings, most of those being inspired by photographs taken on walks, outings to parks or other green spaces. Other inspirations for my artwork include dreams and meditations where I explore subconscious imagery and energy. Generally speaking, I have allowed myself to freely explore any style or subject that has piqued my interest so my body of work is varied and vast.


The symbol I use as my logo is something I began using as a signature for my work when I was a teenager. As I generally do not sign my work with my name on the image (although I do often sign and date the top side of a stretched canvas), this symbol will sometimes appear in one of the corners of a painting or a drawing.


There is a large room upstairs in my house that I have converted to a studio where I can pursue a number of creative outlets, although oil painting is my primary choice. My work is held in private collections across the country and I look forward to making much more of it throughout the rest of my life.

Daniel Moulden